A bit of Antipasti

The bars that I mentioned in a previous post (see here) all seem to, in the evening, start bringing out small dishes of food and leave them on the counter. These antipasto are snacks that you can try and are usually free. They make a perfect accompaniment to a beer or a cold glass of white wine. It is common all over Italy, so if you want to recreate the idea of antipasto at home, then here are some of my favourite.

Simple Parmesan Crisps

These have to be the easiest things to make, yet they are crispy, salty and addictive. All you need is some grated parmesan and a hot pan. Lay the grated parmesan on the pan ( don’t add any oil!) and when it becomes crispy, carefully slide it off, leave to cool, then break up into uneven crisps. Easy! and much tastier than crisps out of a packet

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The best (& worst) bars of Souze d’Oulx

When you first get to Souze d’Oulx you will see plenty of places to stop off, get a beer and grab something to eat. So here is my list of the best bars, for any time of the day.

1. Caffe della Seggiovia 

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Hotel Review – Gran Trün

This is a fantastic little hotel based in the old town area of Souze d’Oulx, just a short walk from the ski lifts. From the outside it advertises itself as a wine bar, but venture through the modern glass doors, up the stairs and you will find a selection of nicely decorated, simple, clean and comfy rooms.

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Pizza Heaven – La Griglia

I am great fan of all Italian food, I eat pasta on at least three occasions every week and it still does not bore me. Take me to a traditional Italian trattoria with red chequered tablecloths, candle wax running down old wine bottles and delicious plates of food and I will definitely be happy.

However, in my eyes, the king of Italian food is the pizza. I can think of nothing that i would prefer to eat than a proper Italian pizza, and in Souze d’Oulx we most definitely found that.

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Sauze d’Oulx – Day 1 on the mountain

After a two hour drive from Milan Malpensa airport we arrived in Souze d’Oulx, after a brief and clueless drive around we found our quaint little hotel down one of the side streets in the old part of the town. Situated opposite a very modern looking design shop was our hotel, The Gran Trun. At first glance it advertised itself as more of a wine bar than a hotel, however we went in, bags in tow and were met by a lovely woman from Liverpool. We collected our keys and went to our rooms, tired from all the travelling we had done.

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