An Introduction

It is that time of the year again, ski season is here! But before you hit the slopes, you need the perfect place to stay, a place to relax in the evening and to get ready in the morning. With so many areas across Europe to choose from, it is a hard choice to decide which mountain you will (hopefully) be graciously gliding down.

Skiing in europe is some of the best in the world, with a wide array of resorts in countries such as France, Italy and Switzerland. Many of the resorts will be instantly recognisable to even the complete ski novice, Courcheval, Val d’isere and Serre Chevalier have become synonymous with French skiing.

But these places tend to be very expensive. Once you have bought your outfit, booked flights, rented a car, got your boots and ski’s and not forgetting the ski pass it can add up very quickly. So this blog is there to hopefully show you some places which are little cheaper, but still hold the same charm and picturesque runs.



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