Winter Olympics 2006 – Torino

Turin played host to the 2006 Winter Olympics, so in this time of heightening excitement about London 2012 it seems fitting to look back at the time when winter sports came to the forefront. It also fits well because the Torino olympics actually took place in the Milky Way region, which is where the places I have previously looked at are situated.

Souze d’Oulx, Bardenecchia and Sestriere all were key in holding particular skiing events and the effect the Olympics had on the area is a clear positive even to this day. You will see reminders of it all over, in cafes and bars throughout the towns and on the mountains. The olympics rings are everywhere.

Souze d’Oulx held the freestyle skiing, a pure adrenaline pumping event. Just look at how fast their legs move!

Bardonecchia held the snowboarding, Shaun White competed in his first major olympic event and after a slow start took gold in the half pipe. His name is now synomymous with the sport.

Sestriere was home to the downhill skiing, to this day you can follow the routes the olympians took and see how well you can conquer them. 

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