The best (& worst) bars of Souze d’Oulx

When you first get to Souze d’Oulx you will see plenty of places to stop off, get a beer and grab something to eat. So here is my list of the best bars, for any time of the day.

1. Caffe della Seggiovia 

This was my favourite of all the bars in Souze d’Oulx, a great local beer selection along with a perfect sunbathing area make it a must. It is situated on the main street near the ABC ski pass shop. If you go in through the back, you’ll be greeted by a lovely decking area, with oddly shaped wooden chairs and circular tables. This is where we sat as the sun was beating down and it felt more like a summer holiday than skiing in early March. The interior was nice too, a large wooden bar with glasses hanging over it and few small screens showing sport or news. It felt traditional, but all tastefully done. Also having Italian Waiters was a nice change to the British ones in many of the other places.

2. Hotel Gran Trun Wine Bar

This was the hotel where we stayed, though from the signs outside you would think it was primarily a wine bar. It has the feel of an underground cellar, with brick arches and a cavernous eating area. Various bottles of spirits cover the back wall and they have a good selection of drinks, from Guinness to Moretti to cocktails. Take a seat at one of the old wine barrels and enjoy the evening. Though one thing to note is that this is an early bar, so does not stay open late.

3. Max’s Bar

This was a small bar situated in the centre of the town and about two minutes from the ski lifts. It has a happy hour, i think from about 5-7 in the evening and at this time they offer discounts and deals on the drinks. A nice little place for a bit of Aprés Ski.

& One to avoid!

Paddy McGintys – Irish Bar and Pub

As you can probably tell by the name this place is trying to recreate a tradition Irish pub. It fails. The inside is dark, dingy and the floor is covered in something that makes a sticking noise when you lift your feet. We went in to try to watch some football and would have quickly left if it was not the only place showing the match we wanted. It was packed and there was a decent atmosphere, but that was probably because there was rubgy on the tv. With all the others places offering much nicer surroundings I would advise avoiding this Irish pub wannabee.

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