Winter Olympics 2006 – Torino

Turin played host to the 2006 Winter Olympics, so in this time of heightening excitement about London 2012 it seems fitting to look back at the time when winter sports came to the forefront. It also fits well because the Torino olympics actually took place in the Milky Way region, which is where the places I have previously looked at are situated.

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A bit of Antipasti

The bars that I mentioned in a previous post (see here) all seem to, in the evening, start bringing out small dishes of food and leave them on the counter. These antipasto are snacks that you can try and are usually free. They make a perfect accompaniment to a beer or a cold glass of white wine. It is common all over Italy, so if you want to recreate the idea of antipasto at home, then here are some of my favourite.

Simple Parmesan Crisps

These have to be the easiest things to make, yet they are crispy, salty and addictive. All you need is some grated parmesan and a hot pan. Lay the grated parmesan on the pan ( don’t add any oil!) and when it becomes crispy, carefully slide it off, leave to cool, then break up into uneven crisps. Easy! and much tastier than crisps out of a packet

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Hotel Review – Gran Trün

This is a fantastic little hotel based in the old town area of Souze d’Oulx, just a short walk from the ski lifts. From the outside it advertises itself as a wine bar, but venture through the modern glass doors, up the stairs and you will find a selection of nicely decorated, simple, clean and comfy rooms.

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