Pizza Heaven – La Griglia

I am great fan of all Italian food, I eat pasta on at least three occasions every week and it still does not bore me. Take me to a traditional Italian trattoria with red chequered tablecloths, candle wax running down old wine bottles and delicious plates of food and I will definitely be happy.

However, in my eyes, the king of Italian food is the pizza. I can think of nothing that i would prefer to eat than a proper Italian pizza, and in Souze d’Oulx we most definitely found that.

On a recommendation from our hotel manager we headed to La Griglia Pizzeria. The restaurant is not situated in the main part of town, so you have to follow the backstreets to find it, but it was only about a 5 minute walk from the centre of the town.

Head down the stairs from the entrance and through the door and you will find yourself in a bustling pizzeria, almost always full of people. The first time we went we had to be squeezed in the corner and the second time we could not even get a table without waiting for about an hour. The quality was apparent.

Inside, La Griglia had a rustic feel,wooden chairs and tables took up the majority of the floor and it felt very traditional, with brick cladded arches snaking up to the ceiling. The staff were very friendly and for a nice change to many places in the area they did not speak any English.

After a thorough look at the menu, which apart from pizzas included meat dishes and salads, I decided upon the Diavolo, a pizza topped with local spicy salami, not like the normal milano salami but something with a lot more spicy flavour. It has to be said that I am never normally adventurous when choosing pizza toppings, I think a pizza should be simple.

There were about thirty or so other pizzas to choose from so I am sure most people will find one to their tastes.

After a salivating wait the pizzas arrived and they looked and smelled amazing. The bubbling cheese and crispy bases instantly made me want a slice. I usually think the best pizzas come with the thinnest base possible. I had, until this one, my favourite pizza in a corrugated iron topped farm shack in the Tuscany region of Italy. That pizza was about half a meter wide and as thin as paper, yet it still held the topping perfectly. But the base at La Griglia was a little thicker, but was cooked perfectly, crispy and still soft when you take a bite. It was clear it came from the a proper pizza oven.

After eating the entire thing I still felt like I could happily eat another, they were that good. If your not a fan of the Diavola, then the Calzone looked great too, along with the Olympic themed 2006 pizza, topped with rocket and parmesan.

If you’re in Souze d’Oulx do yourself a favour and spend an evening at La Griglia, you will most definitely not regret it.


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