Sauze d’Oulx – Day 1 on the mountain

After a two hour drive from Milan Malpensa airport we arrived in Souze d’Oulx, after a brief and clueless drive around we found our quaint little hotel down one of the side streets in the old part of the town. Situated opposite a very modern looking design shop was our hotel, The Gran Trun. At first glance it advertised itself as more of a wine bar than a hotel, however we went in, bags in tow and were met by a lovely woman from Liverpool. We collected our keys and went to our rooms, tired from all the travelling we had done.

Now, I will give a whole post to the fantastic hotel we stayed in so stay tuned and that should be uploaded sometime over the weekend.

After a moment to recover from journey, we headed out to get a feel of the town and to pick up our skis and boots. We pre-booked our equipment over the internet before we left from Ski centre clotes, so it was easy enough to find the shop, situated right at the bottom of one of the Sauze d’Oulx slopes and make ourselves noticed by one of the very friendly members staff.

Just a quick note here, the staff at Ski centre Clots were fantastic and believe me we have experienced some very poor staff while renting skis in the past. Every morning when we collected our skis we were met by a charming man who even remembered our names and quickly got our skis so we could get going.

Oh and another thing, it is far cheaper to book your equipment before you travel than just turning up at a random shop on the day you arrive. Also if your planning on renting helmets then booking them online will cost you 9 euro each for four days. If you went direct to the store that would of been about 27 euro for the same amount of time.

Once we were all kitted out we set about planning our first days route. After a little deliberation we decided to start with the mountains in Souze d’Oulx itself, just so everyone could get back in the swing of things.

The Sauze d’Oulx slopes were good, but due to the recent hot weather, the snow was not the best, forcing us higher to escape the fake snow machines. Ironically, it was snowing quite heavily on this day. We explored many of the runs, finding some good red runs that ran all the way back down into the town. Red runs seemed to make up the majority of Sauze d’Oulx, however many of them were not difficult and would not have looked out of place being labelled as blues. We probably went on the majority of the runs around the area and none of them were too difficult, however some of lower slopes became quite icy in the afternoon so these are best to be avoided.

We found the Gran Pista run to be good and the accessibility to all the runs was simple as the clotes chair lift, which became very busy in the morning, was the only direct way to get on the mountain, so everything runs from there. We found it best to get the Clotes lift up then directly followed by the lift to the immediate lift, I don’t recall if it was named. This got you quite high fairly quickly.

If your looking for more challenging runs then Sauze d’Oulx is probably not for you, but there are plenty of blacks coming up in Sansicario and Sestriere so stay tuned.

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