Finding the right – Ski Jacket

Finding the perfect ski jacket can often be a timely and expensive procedure, but once you find one that is right you will likely hold on to it for many years. So it is worth putting the time into finding one that will meet your needs.

It is commonly asked question whether to go cheap or expensive when buying a jacket, simply because there is such a diverse choice. Different jackets offer different things, some may be specially designed for use with an iPod, allowing you to control it from your sleeve or some even have Bluetooth built in so you can take phone calls from your hood. While others will offer more in terms of comfort and keeping you warm, like extra inside layers or detachable gilets and fleeces.

Places like Decathlon offer a massive selection of all things ski and their jackets generally range from about £30 to £150. I have experience with the cheaper Decathlon jackets and, while it is probably what you expect from the price, they tend to be a bit poor. My first ever ski jacket was in fact the jacket in question and I only used it for one year. It had a elasticated waist and while the idea of this was nice, stopping snow from getting in behind the jacket, it rarely worked and most of time just made the jacket very uncomfortable.

Many other high street stores, like Millets and Snow and Rock, sell jackets from a wide range of brands and these offer the best variety if your not sure where to start. Also, if you happen to have a GoOutdoors near you then they often have some big reductions on branded jackets, so they are a good place to look. Another place which can, if you look hard enough, have really discounted ski jackets are T.K Maxx so trawling through the rails could be worth it.

I think a great feature to look for in a jacket is for it to be customisable and allow you to remove and add sections when desired. So, say it is a warm day you can remove the fleece part and your left with a cooler jacket.

A particular range of jackets I quite like are the Terkko ones by North Face. These are quite expensive at £250 (They can be had for around £175 here) but are feature packed, look good and come in some colours which may set you apart from the normal black jackets. Also being North Face you will know it is going to keep you warm.

North Face Terkko Jacket

It can be hard finding the perfect jacket for you, but once you’ve found it you wont look back.

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